Prepare Your Child for Success in all Facets of Life

What separates DoggPound Martial Arts Academy from other martial arts schools is our emphasis on the personal development of our younger students.

We teach our students through positive reinforcement to build confidence, self-discipline, coordination and focus as well as strength, endurance and martial arts skills.

Our well-trained instructors have years of experience as martial artists and possess the kind of child development skills that can assist with your child's personal growth. At DoggPound Martial Arts Academy your children will build character and learn sound values, like respect, courtesy and self-esteem that will prepare them for school and life outside the academy. 

Head Instructor: Master Mignon

Junior Programs - Doggpound MMA

Program Benefits
Improved focus for better academic performance in school.  Increased self-confidence.  Improved judgement in social settings. Improved self-discipline. Better physical activity and fitness